BMAI - Strategy   BMAI - Strategy
Jim Barnes has a way of simplifying very complex management and strategic concepts. He has been a pioneer in seeing customer relationships through the eyes of the customer. These best-selling books can help you create your customer strategy and lead to customer-led growth for your organization.

Articles and Thought Pieces
Click to download some of our thought-provoking articles that reflect our unique view of the customer; a view that we believe can help your organization become truly customer-centric and contribute to a higher level of engagement amongst your customers and members.

Cultivating the Customer Connection: a framework for understanding customer relationships

Establishing Meaningful Customer Relationships: why some companies and brands mean more to their customers

Don’t cut your price, EARN it!

Let’s Talk About to create REAL Customer Loyalty

Capitalize on Customer (IN)experience

The Shortcomings of BIG DATA in an Age of Customer-centricity

Sometimes the Best Customer Experience is NO Customer Experience

They`re Talking About You! Plan to deliver story-worthy customer experiences

Our 20 Rules of Customer Strategy

Our 12 Principles of Delivering a Meaningful Customer Experience

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